by Señor Faraón

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SEÑOR FARAÓN. "Las últimas En Inglés".
Todos los temas pertenecen en letra y música a Señor Faraón excepto "Something Has Happened To The Girl" de Matías Cantante.
Toda la música ejecutada por Señor Faraón.

Grabado en Estudios Inzen por Javier Longhi los días 23 y 24 de diciembre de 2009.
Mezclado y masterizado en La Clave por Nicolás Demczylo el 23 de enero de 2010.
Arte y diseño gráfico: Zelmar Borrás.


released February 1, 2010



all rights reserved


SEÑOR FARAÓN Montevideo, Uruguay

Señor Faraón es el experimento en solitario de Ismael Varela (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1986). Edita Siguiendo Al Rayo (2009), Las Últimas en Inglés (2010) y Piel de Culebra (2015). Compone la música de las películas Nunchaku (2011) y Clever (2015). Se presenta en Uruguay, Argentina, Chile y Estados Unidos en el festival SXSW 2014. Siempre convencido de que la Música manda. ... more

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Track Name: All Is Dark Now
No money to put beer on the jar babe
So I´m gonna leave reflexions on the back seat

Driving when the city is falling asleep
Like a wild horse locked at the same hill

Just smelling the chance
Just smelling the chain
Just smelling the chance

I used to see
But now it´s dark

My mama used to tell me
(and keeps telling me)
“Son, you´ d better be unchained”
And she was right

See no light, got no money, just not right
I´m not coming home, I´m not coming home
On this weird road

Still smelling the chance
Still smelling the chain
Still smelling the chance

I used to see
But now it´s dark

Seems like a bunch
Of grey memories
And you can meet them
At every street man

Cause you can see
But all is dark now
Track Name: The Blood, The Love, The Faith
Young lady please tell me the time
I´m not hurry but ain´t got much time
And the time of a man can quickly pass away
Sometimes the man can´t help but wait

It´s the blood,
It´s that beating like a racing bull that encourages the man
It´s the love,
That put me in the mood for singin´ the blues full of faith

The faith
Don´t lose the faith
Don´t let it go
Just let it fly
But keep it close to you
Track Name: Brave Young Hearts
Time will tell if we were wrong
Now I gotta make a move
Your silence is not shy
Fire is almost dead
Ashes show the way
And I ´ve heard from
A demon´s voice
Something is drying my veins

Sometimes I think
Under my baby´s skin
Lies the fury of a lion
But then realize it could be
The sound of an owl in the night
You´re gonna see, you big stars!
I used to be lost in my underworld
But now I´m gonna turn off the light
You´re gonna see, you big stars!
My babe can sing the blues
And she can also stick a knife
Well I can feel her fever running through my hot blood

I sing the blues
In nowhere land
Green country side
Is waiting outside
For me to leave

I can´t stand your words no more
Can´t quit you telling me oh no
Can´t quit you telling me don´t let it fly, don´t let it go
Please keep it close to you, I don´t wanna hear that crap no more
Sometimes you have to walk against the wind
To get your eyes wide open
Sometimes you have to move your wheels
And I´m not gonna wait until I get 44

Well you gave me your body
You gave me your lips
You showed me the devil
Then prayed for the lord
You put tons of sugar into my heart
Then you run and I run
I just couldn´t help
The mirror was broken
And you looked too old
I know there is something remaining for sure
We are brave young hearts
Brave young hearts
Such brave young hearts
Track Name: Still The Child Will Have To Wait
Still the child will have to wait
He´ll have to wait
Until his mommy comes back home
The child will have to learn
He´ll have to
Learn how to spend his time alone

This child has grown
And now he´s got his song
And still a long long way to go
He´ll wake up the beast, not the lord
Until the little hopes get vanished from
The evil men who´ll close the road
Spreading chains and he can´t help but run
Can´t help but run

Maybe he´ll try
But he could also not be sure
Still the child will have to wait
So let a man like me
Get satisfied
Got a tremblin´ hand but got no fear
Ain´t got no fear
I´m gonna make it and leave my chain right here
Track Name: My Blues Riding All The Waves
Please no more stories describing never ending smiles
And no more fools hoping to offer their lies
I´d rather to be with you or take a walk in the park
Just listening to pure black sounds
Just like a man from the past
Well I know I can´t live in the past
Yes I know I can´t live in the past
I just need a quick pain killer
Need it like water, calm as a river
In, out, are the same for me babe
Cause I even don´t know where is the top
Cause I´m like a child from the past
Well, I feel like an old boy
Just got no place in the trend
Well, I´m running on my own
I hope you baby understand

Wanna sing
That´s got to be the way
My blues and nothing instead
My blues riding all the waves

I´m seeing too many devils in disguise
In this place I´m gonna shoot ´em all
There´s no place for weak, don´t you fall down
Things must be this way
But there´s nothing like my blues
Coming deep from my veins
I´m gonna sing it for you
I´m gonna hold your heart

Wanna sing
That´s got to be the way
My blues and nothing instead
My blues riding all the waves
Track Name: Something Has Happened To The Girl (Matias Cantante Cover)
She is always walking down the highway
The fire took her goodness just to see her bad
She is no true love of no one
Her feelings are frozen in time
Take a look at the lady
Only a look and step back

Something has happened to the girl
But no one really knows what

Don´t you ever ask her that question
She can kick you in the heart so hard
That you will probably die
Come on

Something has happened to the girl
But no one really knows what

She is so real tough
She can also kick your ass
She is so fucking tough
She can also kick your ass

Something has happened to the girl
But no one really knows what
Track Name: This Song Is Yours
Your shiny love
It came right here
Right next to me
You maked me howl
Sweet love of mine
The wind is gonna blow
The moon is gonna rise
My chest is gonna explode
All happens in your smile
Your smile will hypnotize me

I need redemption
I need to be
Soft as a leave
I know I am
One heavy rain
One twisted road
And deep inside

I sing this song
To apologize
Cause after all
I´m just a man
Midnight phone call
I´m on my own
I don´t have flowers for you
I have this words
And I can take you to

A sunny day
A big old three
That place we know
Take me to there
Beautiful place
Colorful eyes
Green shadows all around
This song is yours
Sweet love of mine
This songs is yours
Sweet love of mine